Our mission and inspiration

Our goal is to develop and encourage travel writing, reporting and communication (print and electronic), which are essential to promoting tourism.

We help find solutions to issues and problems facing the travel industry, through our seminars, round tables and discussions involving travel trade professionals from around the region and world.

We hope to:

1. Encourage the use of sustainable and environmental friendly practices.

2. Develop a finer appreciation and understanding of people - their culture, habits, customs and history.

3. Promote living in tolerance, co-operation and peace.

4. Raising social and living standards by developing and processing travel communication.

5. Setting standards and guidelines for the travel industry.

We believe:

The benefit of a vibrant tourism industry on a nation's economy is only the tip of the iceberg. In a broader context, tourism can become a force in promoting world peace and building understanding and interdependence between nations. Tourism will only truly thrive in a climate of peace and harmony, and this will happen when every nation works towards diusing international tension and developing co-operation in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

The Travel Writer

The contribution of the travel writer / reporter in ensuring that tourism flourishes is by no means insignificant. Their opinion is a powerful means of not only inciting interest in foreign lands, but building a better understanding and respect of other cultures. Their words inspire the need to explore and live, albeit for a short spell, in a fascinating world outside our realm of familiarity.

They do this by raising awareness about dierent nations and countries, their history, habits, traditions and culture. More importantly, they disseminate information that has made travel more accessible to people across economic and social demographics.

The role the travel writer performs is ensuring the conservation and continuation of human, natural, cultural and historical resources by raising awareness about ecological balance and preservation, which has contributed to a greater harmony between people and the environment.

PATWA's role

PATWA's members promote tourism with three guiding principles: objectivity, realism and the accuracy to inform, orientate and educate the reader or viewer. While promoting national and international tourism, PATWA members comitt to never discredit the profession.

PATWA members, strictly follow our charter, the principles of which aim to forge more cultural tolerance and respect across the world.

Delegates at the PATWA International Tourism Seminar & PATWA International Awards event at ITB, Berlin

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